In the General Assembly of 08.12.2018 the following decisions were taken

1) Change of legal office in Tunis from 08.12.2018 by 30.06.2019
2) New Directive Committee 2018-2021
Elie Chelala (Lebanon)
Fadma Abi (Maroque)
Faouzi Chebbi (Tunisie)
Georges Timsit (Algerie-France)
Mahdi Moosa (Iraq-supplent)
3) New General Secretary 2018-2021
Farouk Sebai (Tunisie)
4) President Elect 2020-2022
Justino Obama (Equatorial Guinèe)
5) Treasury 2018-2021
Farouk Sebai  - (Tunisie) Ad interim